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ON SHINE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a top-tier manufacturer and provider of high-quality GPS products and RF Module to the global consumer and OEM markets. Established in 1997, the name ON SHINE is recognized throughout the world for its unique design, unparalleled performance and excellent quality. ON SHINE is not only a manufacture of RF Module and GPS products, but handles the design, development, production and distribution of their products.


We design and produce the wireless devices in PDA, car application, home security system, etc. All of our products are in export standard. Customers are mainly from Brazil, Israel and China.


We always provide our customers the best quality products along with the most competitive prices. Additionally, we are always working to achieve customers’ expectation and we can help them to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively.


To use our ability, to make a speech, to complete a job. This is our consistent principle. “Being truthfully” is a serious attitude; but not just a slogan!